Prairie Grass Meats

Pasture and hay-fed Red Angus Beef from Hawarden, Iowa

Who We Are

We are in the business of providing the best tasting and healthiest beef for our family and friends. Our grass finished Angus cattle are born and raised on our family beef farm in Hawarden. Grass finishing means they are only fed grass, legumes and other forage based feed but are never fed corn or other small grains, distillers byproducts, chicken manure or anything else but pasture and hay. Our beeves are regularly moved on our specially planted pasture of grasses and legumes designed for healthy cattle growth and great taste. Our cattle do not drink creek or pond water, but drink the same clear municipal water that we do. Our carefully dry aged grass finished beef has the true rich beef flavor that beef connoisseurs love.

We're in the news!

Reprinted with permission from The N'West Iowa REVIEW

We sell great tasting beef that's good for you!

As you may know, many people in the scientific and medical community support the consumption of grass-fed beef as the healthy beef alternative. The grass-fed beef are not obese when processed and are therefore leaner and have less saturated fat and lower cholesterol. Grass fed beef has higher levels of beta carotene, an anti-oxidant that fights free radicals; higher levels of Omega -3 "good" fatty acids like salmon and tuna; and higher CLA which is thought to help fight cancer. Growing and eating grass fed beef offers many nutritional and environmental benefits. This is truly "getting green." Grass fed and grass finished meat offers leaner cuts, higher carotene levels, higher CLA levels, and more.

Our meat is beautifully packaged

Our meat is vacuum packed in clear plastic, frozen and USDA labeled. You can see the beautiful quality as well as the cut and weight of each piece of meat. The meat has a very nice presentation for gifts.

Thank you to our many new friends and customers!

Thanks to you, we have shipped and delivered meat to Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, Florida, California, Arizona, Virginia, Washington and Massachusetts. Many of you have picked up your meat at our farm and saved the shipping or delivery charges. Please refer us to your friends and families!

Prairie Grass Meats

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